Listen for the Sounds of Summer


By Todd Camp

As the end of summer approaches, we are left reminiscing about pool parties with friends, running an internal slideshow of pictures through our head of getaways to exotic destinations, and, of course, listening (repeatedly) to our favorite tunes that bring back all those feel-good summer memories.

Because certain songs can evoke so many emotions, we decided to see which hits our Turtles felt truly summed up their summer days. Here are their votes for tops songs of the summer.

“I have been listening to a lot of Lana Del Ray this summer, especially the song ‘West Coast,’” says Turtle Creek Chorale’s Tri Truong. “That song just makes you want to hop in a car and cruise around town with the top down. Luckily, the weather has been pretty decent, so that doesn’t seem so far-fetched right now in Texas.”

For Brian Carey, he’s listening to Neon Trees’ “Sleeping with a Friend.” “It makes me want to dance, and I feel like a rock star when I sing it in the shower.”

Songstress Charli XCX is another strong contender, with her catchy tune “Boom Clap” already topping the charts, but that doesn’t impress Turtle Eric Ramsey, who goes all the way back to 1982 for his signature seasonal song. “’Rio’ by Duran Duran,” he says. “There is no intelligent music made anymore! (And now I sound like my parents.)”

Guess Eric’s looking forward to next June’s Turtle-ly ’80s season closer almost as much as are we!


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