Sing Like Turtles at Their Favorite Karaoke Spots


By Augusta Neal

Picture this: It’s Wednesday night. You’re in a poorly lit bar sipping your favorite cocktail. There are four sorority girls on the “stage” belting out Destiny’s Child “Survivor” and any second now, the guy who thinks he’s Luke Bryan will get up and sing another boring country song for a third time.

You’re at a classic karaoke bar, my friend. Whether you’re into singing a Carly Simon solo or prefer an ’N Sync song with a group of friends, take your pick of these Turtle-approved karaoke spots.

Round-Up Saloon

Known as the home of “good times and good people,” Round-Up has been a part of Dallas for a full 33 years (almost as long as the Turtle Creek Chorale!). One of five “Karaoke Hosts” (where do we sign up for that job?!) will treat you to a night of cheesy hits and cheap drinks.

Rumor has it Lady Gaga has been there at least three times — so put on your best cowboy boots and sing it up, Little Monsters.


Singing Turtle Jess McDowell says Woody’s is one of the best karaoke spots on the strip. This sports and video bar serves up $4 Tuaca to help you get your voice prepped and ready every Wednesday night at 10 p.m.

If it’s even half as fun as their advertisement for “Little Chalupa’s Karaoke,” you can count us in.

Barbara’s Pavillion in Oak Cliff

This kitschy spot located near the heart of Oak cliff is just a hop skip, and bar-crawl away from downtown. Mark your calendar for every Thursday and Sunday as well as the second Saturday of each month if you want a piece of Barbara.

If you’re not into the singing scenes, just take a tip from TCC member Randy Culbreth. What’s his idea of the best karaoke spot in Dallas?

“My shower.”

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