The 41st season of the Turtle Creek Chorale – themed “STRONGER” – will provide audiences with five memorable performances highlighting the variety of entertainment and dynamic performances the TCC is known for. The season will feature a virtual cabaret, an uplifting small ensemble concert, a return to Broadway, and two of their signature Holiday shows. And looking forward to 2022, the world premiere of “Dreamland: Tulsa, 1921.”

 Performances scheduled:

  •  Leavin’ on a Jet Plane – a virtual cabaret – April 16
  • Holidays Interrupted – an outdoor “Christmas in June” presentation – June 26
  • Songs of Strength and Survival – TCC small ensemble showcase – August 29
  • Broadway’s Back, Baby! – a full TCC performance – October
  • Sure Stars Shining – a beloved Holiday tradition – December 17-19
  • Let Us March On – featuring “Dreamland: Tulsa 1921” – Spring 2022

Dallas, TX, April 5, 2021 – Turtle Creek Chorale is announcing their upcoming 2021 season: STRONGER! After a very challenging year of darkened stages, the world-renowned chorus is making their return the only way they know how — STRONGER! The season features a virtual show, an in-person outdoor performance, and a return to the concert hall in the fall.

“While our 40th season was not what we, or anyone, expected, we had time to consider who we were as a chorus, a family, and a member of the community. This upcoming series of concerts reflects what we have learned – that TCC has a responsibility to be an outspoken member of the Dallas Arts Community, and a leader in choral music. We have a responsibility to deliver entertaining and thought-provoking performances, wherever and whenever we can, whether it be an outdoor bandshell, a solemn church, a parking garage, or a concert hall. We did not, and will not, fade into the background and this upcoming season is a statement of strength by all our singers,” says Sean Baugh, Artistic Director.

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane
April 16, 2021 – Facebook and YouTube

The TCC will launch their 41st season singing about all the places we didn’t get to visit throughout the ongoing pandemic. “Leavin’ on a Jet Plane” will take you to exotic places you never knew you wanted to go!  This performance will feature many of your favorite singers from the Turtle Creek Chorale, as well as one of our favorite Celtic Women, Chloé Agnew, who we introduced to Dallas in 2019. Sit in the comfort of your living room as this talented group of men presents songs from exotic lands…or maybe just Wichita. Grab a beverage, fasten your seatbelt, and prepare for takeoff.  And, just like any good travel adventure, surprises await. Join us virtually for this one-of-a-kind performance on our Facebook and YouTube channels on April 16 at 7PM CST.

Holidays Interrupted
June 26, 2021 – Fair Park Band Shell

It’s “Christmas in June” at the Fair Park Band Shell! Reminiscent of the classic Holiday Bowl performances in Southern California, TCC will finally return to the stage after an 18-month hiatus. The FULL chorus will once again join forces to bring you one of our signature Holiday shows…in the summer…outdoors…in Texas. In an abundance of caution, we want to ensure our first full chorus performance can be experienced by as many as possible, so we’re taking it safely outdoors. The historic 1936 Bandshell at Fair Park in Dallas will allow us to welcome our patrons back and be entertained by what we are told is our most popular performance year after year – our holiday show. We will forget the heat, hopefully, while we gather safely for a wonderful evening of some of our most beloved holiday music. Nobody will know (or care) that it’s 100 degrees outside. Our hearts will also be warm as we remember the in-person Holiday show we missed in 2020. Come decked in your favorite (and seasonally appropriate) holiday attire…and yes, Sean confirms there WILL be a sing-along.

 Songs of Strength & Survival – TCC Small Ensemble Showcase
August 29, 2021 – Cathedral of Hope

The healing power of live music, and especially choral music, is something that was absent as we made our way through the trials of a global pandemic over this last year. In August, TCC will present a small ensemble concert designed to remind us all how powerful intimate, and up close, choral music can be. Join us as we present a selection of songs designed to inspire and spark a flame of strength in all of us.

Broadway’s Back, Baby!
October 2021 – Venue TBD

It has been over a decade since the Chorale presented a concert focused on the popular songs from Broadway. As we anticipate the reopening of the Broadway stages in New York this fall, “Broadway’s Back, Baby!” will highlight some of the best songs from Broadway’s rich musical history. Nobody can sing show tunes like a predominately gay men’s chorus – nobody. So, get your top hat and tap shoes ready, and prepare to experience the awesome journey of a night of showtunes with the TCC! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (a lot), you’ll think you are sitting in a NYC theater – with much cheaper cocktails and parking.

Sure Stars Shining
December 17-19, 2021 – Moody Performance Hall

To wrap up its 41st season, the TCC will return to Moody Performance Hall and present their holiday production, “Sure Stars Shining.” This beloved holiday presentation will deliver all you expect from TCC during the holidays — joy, laughter, peace, and love. TCC’s holiday concert always holds something for everyone — from heartwarming traditional carols, exciting new renditions, and thrilling dancing. We are thrilled to return to this important and beautiful tradition as we celebrate the season and look forward to 2022.

 Let Us March On!  featuring the world premiere of “Dreamland: Tulsa 1921”
Workshop in 2021 and full concert performance in spring of 2022

The struggles of our Black, Indigenous, and brothers and sisters of color have continued to plague our country, even in these “modern times.” TCC understands our responsibility to sing on the issues of racial equity and we plan on doing so with pride, beauty, and an eye towards progress. This important and moving performance will showcase text and songs that speak specifically towards our country’s history with race.

Originally scheduled for the 100-year commemoration of the Tulsa Race Massacre – a once-forgotten historical event, TCC will workshop a new work, “Dreamland: Tulsa 1921” in 2021 with the world premiere in the spring of 2022. TCC commissioned this major new piece of choral theater by librettist Sandra Seaton and composer Marques Garrett which tells the story of a dark period in 1921, in the heart of Tulsa, when an unfortunate event in an elevator set up the largest race massacre in the history of the United States. Flanked by singers, actors, and an orchestra, this massive new work will transform you with its frank portrayal of these events, which have been out of the public psyche for too long.

Concert Tickets

Due to the continuing challenges of COVID, tickets for each show will become available at least one month prior to each show. For more information, please visit or call 214-526-3214.

About Turtle Creek Chorale

Turtle Creek Chorale (TCC) has brought excellent choral music to the residents and visitors of Dallas for 41 years since our founding in 1980. The mission of TCC is to entertain, educate, unite and inspire. TCC has grown to over 250 dues-paying members who contribute more than 100,000 hours annually to rehearsals, performances, and service projects for the community. Singing and dancing annually to audiences in excess of 33,000, TCC presents a full concert series at the Moody Performance Hall and other venues around the area. The Chorale also performs numerous entertaining, inspiring, and educational outreach concerts to a broad range of audiences both locally and nationally.


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