Top 10 Reasons to Attend a Turtle Creek Chorale Performance


By Todd Camp

True music lovers don’t really need this many reasons to check out Dallas’ premier men’s chorus, but here are a few you may not have thought about:

10. If you caught Turtle Creek Chorale’s performance of Sweeney Todd with the Uptown Players last month, you know that meatpies never sounded so good. Best part? Zero chance of indigestion.

9. Tuxedos! Tuxedos! Tuxedos!

8. Where else are you going to hear more than 200 male voices singing an Amy Winehouse tune? OK, sure, Station 4 on a Saturday night. But where else are you going to hear more than 200 male voices singing an Amy Winehouse tune in perfect harmony?

7. Includes more than twice your recommended daily allowance of sass.

6. A dazzling blend of choral classics and modern favorites delivered with impeccable precision by a group of talented gentlemen who also happen to be easy on the eyes.

5. Gossip overheard in the concession line is like binge-watching a week’s worth of Extra crammed into just a few minutes.

4. The restrooms at Dallas City Performance Hall are probably nicer (and larger) than your entire apartment.

3. Who needs expensive cologne when you can just hug everyone you know before the show?

2. Your ticket purchase helps to raise thousands of dollars for many worthy charities when you attend one of Turtle Creek Chorale’s many benefit performances throughout the year. And did we mention that these guys sure are easy on the eyes?

1. Half the calories of the other leading all-male chorales, and Turtle Creek Chorale is gluten-free, nut-free, fat-free, and sodium-free, without sacrificing any of the taste.

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