Tunes for All Tastes


By Todd Camp

Any music lover will tell you that some songs are so good you can almost taste them, which got us thinking. If you could sidle up to the bar at your local watering hole and order your favorite songs in cocktail form, what ingredients might they include?

Is there Thunderbird in “Thrift Shop”? Maybe a taste of curacao in “Call Me Maybe”? How about tequila in “Toxic”? We asked a couple of Turtle tipplers to serve up some song recipes of their own.

Tri Truong offered his recipe for “On the Radio” by Donna Summer thusly: “Raspberry vodka for the berry sweetness, cranberry and pineapple juices for the sexy color, and topped with champagne for the sparkles,” he said. “It might have to be in a sippy cup so it doesn’t get all over dance floor. I’d pay good money for that drink!”

As for the make-up of “Cold Shoulder” by Adele, Tri says, “Vodka straight up to say ‘I’m not messing around,’ and served in a martini glass, since it’s classy, with a lemon twist for flare.”

For Marcus Overton, whose part-time bartending gig gives him a decided advantage, Laura Branigan’s “Self Control” is all about working all day so you can party and play at night. “Start off with a simple syrup for sweetness with gin for the surprise factor — it can dress up or dress down, depending on who you are,” he says. “Blackberry liqueur to symbolize the darkness of the night with a lime wedge garnish to symbolize the moonlight.”

As for Miley Cyrus’ “I Will Always Remember You,” Marcus says this tune, which prompts reminiscing over past experiences while getting ready for new and bigger things, is pretty straightforward. “Vodka, the original friend request before Facebook; a little bit of peach nectar for sweetness and to represent the playfulness and sunshine of the summer; garnished with raspberry syrup like a darkening sunset on top of a little Sprite,” he says.

Mmmm, make it two.

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