Turtle Creek Chorale Launches New Educational Program

  • TCC launches urgent educational initiative that will focus on the epidemic of suicide, spurred by issues of shame, bullying, and self-esteem.
  • Program launch will be held at Sunset High School in Dallas on September 17
  • The chorus will share music from their recent concert series, “You Are Light,” including familiar musical numbers from The Greatest Showman and Dear Evan Hansen, as well as newly-composed pieces created for this project. The members of the Chorale will perform musical selections and offer focused conversations for students following the performance, as well as provide community resources focused on these issues.

Dallas, TX, September 5, 2019 – The men of the Turtle Creek Chorale will go back to school as they kick off their 40th season with a new educational program called the You Are Light Project.

“We hope this project will take youth on an important journey – tackling issues that young people are confronting every day and exploring topics that many feel they cannot share out of shame and fear. We hope to remove some of the stigmas that surround discussion of mental illness and suicide awareness. If we accomplish anything with this project, we hope to not only equip young people going through difficult situations, like anxiety and depression, with an awareness of the resources around them but to empower them to help others who may be experiencing these issues,” says Dr. Jamey Kelley, a UNT Assistant Professor of Music Education and TCC’s Educational Outreach Coordinator, brought on board to lead this new initiative.

The Turtle Creek Chorale is a family of men, many of whom have experienced the same issues addressed through the You Are Light Project. TCC believes they can sing and share this project with vulnerability and integrity, making them powerful messengers of hope. “This important work we are undertaking allows us to live into the mission of TCC to entertain, educate, unite and inspire. We are so excited to be bringing on Jamey Kelley to our team and be able to provide this urgent programming to our community,” says Jeremy Wayne, TCC Managing Director.

Dates for future school visits are being scheduled. Anyone interested in scheduling the TCC to visit with a school or youth organization can contact Dr. Jamey Kelley at jkelley@turtlecreek.org or call the TCC office at 214-526-3214.