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Filling the Turtle Void

  By Todd Camp It’s going to be a long wait until the Turtle Creek Chorale returns with the premiere of its 2014–2015 season with the show “Brave” taking place…


Finding Resonance

By Russ Weeks, Singing Member Six years ago this month I was dating an amazing guy named Derek. He mentioned to me that he was auditioning for Turtle Creek Chorale,…


Carpe Diem

By Russ Weeks, Singing Member We descend three flights of stairs like marching soldiers drenched in solid black and palpable anticipation. Voices silent and minds stilled, the cacophonous sound of…


‘Jangled’ Unwrapped

By Todd Camp Never mind 12 days of bouncing royals, thrumming percussionists, and enough feathered fowl to fill an aviary, we prefer our Christmas countdowns in nifty round numbers of…


The Time of Your Life

  By Todd Camp When you sit down to enjoy a performance of the Turtle Creek Chorale, you’re probably not thinking about how much time went into crafting the show…


Opening Doors for Hope

  By Todd Camp One-time rivals became big-time collaborators thanks to a little cooperation and an open heart. When Turtle Creek Chorale won the IKEA Life Improvement Challenge, they had…


Meet the New Kids in the Chorale

By Todd Camp There are some fresh faces (and voices) joining in to make beautiful music with Turtle Creek Chorale this season, so we thought we might sit down with…