Membership Elections

Membership President


Bryant Keeling – T2

Why are you seeking to be an officer?

Since joining the Chorale in the spring of 2016, I have had the honor to serve in several positions within the organization. In that time, I hope that I have been able to give back even a little of what the Chorale has given me.

When I moved to Dallas from Chicago in 2015, I didn’t know many people but after joining the Chorale, I quickly learned that there was a built in family just waiting for me. There has never been a moment in the Chorale that I have felt out of place or unwelcome and it is my desire to make sure that everyone in our organization is able to say the same thing.

The Members of the Chorale are its greatest asset and being able to advocate for you would be an incredibly rewarding undertaking. Recently, I heard Tim Seelig talk about having a biological family and a LOGICAL family. I consider each one of you to be a part of my logical family and I hope you will allow me to continue to serve you. I won’t expect anyone to do anything that I am not willing to do myself first (unless it involves snakes, then you are on your own), and I truly believe that serving you in this organization as Membership President will be one of the most personally fulfilling activities I will ever do.

Previous committees/offices: Tenor 2 ASL – Season 38, Membership Secretary – Season 39, Membership Vice-President – Season 40

Membership Vice President


Wes McCormack – Baritone

Why are you seeking to be an officer?

Over the past 40th season, I had the honor of serving the membership of the Turtle Creek Chorale as Membership Secretary. Through this role, I was able to give back my time, skills and leadership to an organization that means so much to me and has given me more than I’ll ever be able to give in return. We all know what TCC means to us individually, but being able to do what I can to ensure TCC continues to grow, evolve and be the Gold Standard of men’s choruses is why I’m seeking the position of Vice President.

The VP is responsible for our newest members and the passion I have for sharing my experience in TCC and wanting others to have the opportunity to join this family and craft their own experience, friendships and memories makes this position one I believe I can excel at. I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving the membership to the best of my ability in Season 41. Thank you!

Previous committees/offices: Membership Secretary – Season 40, SoundByes – Seasons 34-40, SoundBytes Lead Dancer – Seasons 36-38, Awards Banquet Chairman Seasons 36-38, Gala Festival Committee Season 36


Membership Secretary

(listed in alphabetical order)


Chad Crager – T2

Why are you seeking to be an officer?

I fell in love with the chorale on my first day of rehearsal. I am wanting to give back to the organization to make it as vibrant as it can be. I feel by becoming an officer I can make it the best we as an organization can be.

Previous committees/offices: Tenor 2 ASL – Season 40

Brandon Moses – T2

Why are you seeking to be an officer?

I am seeking the position of Membership Secretary because I really enjoy leadership positions and the responsibilities that come with those positions. I find joy in serving my fellow Turtles and helping the organization with my time and energy.

Previous committees/offices: Turtle Creek Chorale AIDS Fund – Secretary – Season 27 – 31?, Tenor 2 MSL – Majority of Years as Active Member


Singing Board Member

(listed in alphabetical order)


Rob Corbello – Baritone

Why are you seeking to be a TCC Singing Board Member?

I’m wanting to get more involved in my community. I’ve found this new family of brothers and want to do my part to contribute.

Previous committees/offices or previous experience you have had that lend itself to the board:

I’ve been involved in a number of organizations over my life through work and church. For 18 years I was part of a team leading children’s choir for a large Baptist Church in North Texas. We had about 400 kids in our choir. Each year we put on a pretty elaborate musical which could match an Off Broadway Production. Was also involved as a performer and technical advisor for the long running “Gift of Christmas/Dallas Christmas Festival” for 20 years. I’ve always loved music and being any part of a production I can participate in. I’m also a CFO for a 600+ employee construction company. I’ve been with my current employer for 25 years.

Tyson Jones – T2

Why are you seeking to be a TCC Singing Board Member?

I have been a singing member of the Turtle Creek Chorale since 2016. During this time, I have fallen in love with the mission and passion of this organization. I have made wonderful new friendships, and witnessed firsthand the power that the TCC has in inspiring and uplifting others. I would love the opportunity to serve and lead this group in continuing our mission of helping others through music and love.

Previous committees/offices or previous experience you have had that lend itself to the board:

I currently serve as Vice-President for TEPSA (Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association) for Region 10, and am the former President for TEPSA Region 11. In addition to this, I have served on the Arlington ISD Financial Futures Committee as Principal Chair in guiding financial decisions for the entire school district. I also feel that with my professional experience as a teacher and school principal, and current doctoral student at Baylor University, that I have a wealth of knowledge and experiences that would be beneficial to TCC.


Member of the Year

(listed in alphabetical order along with what their nominator(s) had to say)


Jeff Bailey

Jeff is always willing to give his time to the organization. He helped in the TCC office for a year and he arrives early and helps set up the rehearsal space each and every week. He does so much behind the scenes that the majority of the members do not know about. Plus he is just really a wonderful person.


Daniel Dalpoas

 Daniel gives up so much of his time volunteering , to make sure all members have access to printed music and the music files in chorus connection are up to date. He will spend hours at the copier for each concert that we do and for any changes the AD makes during that concert and as we all know that is quite a few. He then puts together all the packets that are handed out to all the members, as well sitting in the back during each rehearsal with additional copies for any member who may need one. For his years of dedication to TCC and the many many hours this semester he has put in, he is deserving of this award.


Jeff Falin

I got to know Jeff a bit better during this year’s season. He is always cutting a joke and always present. I can count on him to do what he says and he always has a smile or smirk on his face. His generosity also knows no bounds as he is an active donor for the TCC life walk team as well as a tipper at the Marsha and Friends drag brunches. He is an incredible team player and I am so thankful to know him! Even when he had to take a small break for health reasons he was able to bounce back and have a great time with his turtle brothers. I look up to Jeff in so many ways and think he has been an exemplary member of the TCC worthy of the title of member of the year.


Kevin Hodges

Kevin dedicates his own time to help make sure that all our concerts and run out gigs look amazing, by coordinating all of the members and being an extra eye/ear of the production team. He gives of his time to help out with Turtle Camp, being a voice of the membership to all the new members. He is one of the most dedicated members of TCC, always willing to jump in and help, both in front and in so many cases behind the scenes. TCC is truly blessed to have him.


Bob McCranie

For the past several years….and even this ‘pandemic year’…Bob has organized and led a food drive for those in need. He worked so hard and diligently on making masks mostly using his own funds from what I understand. As well as organizing the crew that worked on them. He also ran the food drive.


Life Member

Life Members nominations have been submitted to the Life Member Committee and those selected from the nominations will appear on the ballot.