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Celebrating Pride Turtle Style

TCC members tell us their proudest moments. Photos by Stephen…

Finding Resonance

By Russ Weeks, Singing Member Six years ago this month I was…

PurpleVocals Pop-Up Studio is Coming to Dallas!

  Former King's Singers tenor and founder of…

A Night Out With the Turtle Creek Chorale

A Turtle Creek Chorale performance may only last a few hours, but why not make a day of it?

App We Love Right Now: Quist

Quist’s mission is to educate the world about the roots of the LGBT community, make LGBT history more engaging and relevant, and let LGBT youth know that others have shared their struggle.

Ask a Turtle

“I learned early on that as long as I knew my material, stage fright was not an issue.”

‘Jangled’ Unwrapped

“We’re always trying to do our best, but we put so much heart into our Christmas show that I think we really bring our best game to that event.”

Meet the Cast: Rickey Phoummany

“Knowing I can use my talents to raise money and awareness to help out my community is why I love this organization and the Turtle Creek Chorale.”
Halloween costume hall of fame | Turtle Creek Chorale blog

Halloween Costumes Hall of Fame

What do you think of when you hear the words “hall of fame”? We think of costumes.

Opening Doors for Hope

When Turtle Creek Chorale won the IKEA Life Improvement Challenge, they had a chance to sit down with their top competitor and something wonderful happened.

TCC to Sing National Anthem at NAGAAA

The Gay Softball World Series begins today — we have coverage of it here — and the opening ceremonies, already set to have Dale Hansen on hand, will start off with the National Anthem being sung by the Turtle Creek Chorale.

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