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TCC to Sing National Anthem at NAGAAA

The Gay Softball World Series begins today — we have coverage of it here — and the opening ceremonies, already set to have Dale Hansen on hand, will start off with the National Anthem being sung by the Turtle Creek Chorale.

Turtles’ Favorite Singers from Across the Pond

As vocalists and music enthusiasts, the gentlemen of Turtle Creek Chorale definitely have eclectic tastes in all things music and songwriting.

Meet the New Kids in the Chorale

We sat down with some of the newest Turtles to find out how rehearsals are going and what it’s like to be a part of one of Dallas’ preeminent arts organizations.

Pop Quiz

Whether you’re new to the Dallas scene or think you know Big D like the back of your hand, you might not know this iconic city as well as you think. Try our handy quiz and test your knowledge of all things Dallas.
Why Turtles Love Being Turtles | Turtle Creek Chorale Blog

Why Do Turtles Love Being Turtles? Let us count the ways.

“TCC is filled with people who are like me. Funny, creative, musical, and more. We aren’t different when we’re together. We’re stronger.”

Dallas’ Pride Parade

“We are going to be using the parade to let the community share in the celebration of our 35th season.”

25 Reasons to Give $25 on North Texas Giving Day

“When your friends see you giving to an organization, they similarly want to give and be a part. Some call this peer-pressure. We call it ‘awesome-sauce.’”

Giving Day benefiting local LGBT, AIDS nonprofit organizations

Communities Foundation of Texas hopes North Texas Giving Day…

Sing Like Turtles at Their Favorite Karaoke Spots

Picture this: It’s Wednesday night. You’re in a poorly lit bar sipping your favorite cocktail.

The Healing Power of Music

“For a few days, it seemed as if the world was united in sorrow. And within that sorrow, there was a genuine outpouring of love-filled thought, free from hatred and ill will.”

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