The Turtle Creek Chorale will host a 24-hour “sing-in” to call attention to and develop increased support for our transgender siblings in the wake of recent negative national and state actions directed at them.

The featured concert portion of the marathon will be on Friday, August 11 from 6 PM to 10 PM at Cathedral of Hope with performances special performances by members from the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles, Denise Lee, Amy Stevenson, and Jodi Crawford Wright.

All proceeds from the event will benefit Lambda Legal and the Transgender Council of Cathedral of Hope.

The entire event will be free to the public and attendees are invited to come and go as they please, even singing along if they want.

Cathedral of Hope (5910 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX)
Aug 11 at 6 PM thru Aug 12 6 PM
Main Concert Portion: Friday, Aug 11 at 7 PM

“We are driven to bring the healing power of music to help comfort the wounds caused by recent and ongoing attacks against the LGBT community.  We must make a statement to all that these senseless actions are damaging to everyone, are unacceptable and must stop.”

Sean BaughArtistic Director, Turtle Creek Chorale

“From so-called “bathroom bills” to this latest move, it has become clear that many in our country are undereducated, have not listened to our transgender siblings and are led by hatred, bigotry and outright discrimination — none of the values that we see in either Jesus or the spiritual leaders of other faiths. We are proud to be part of this vocalization effort.”

Reverend Dr. Neil G Cazares-ThomasSenior Pastor of the Cathedral of Hope

“We are pleased that organizations important to the LBGT community can join like this in support of one another. This is the sort of collaboration that strengthens the empowerment of us all.”

John RiegerMember of Lambda Legal’s Dallas Leadership Committee