Why Do Turtles Love Being Turtles? Let us count the ways.

By Augusta Neal

It would be hard to count exactly all the reasons why singing members love being a part of the Turtle Creek Chorale. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t try to narrow down the top 10. We asked Turtle Creek Chorale members what they loved most about being Turtles. Enjoy!

10. The opportunity for new experiences. 

“I love the opportunities for new experiences and new learning that being a Turtle provides.” — Jamie Rawson

“I enjoy any place that puts me in heels for the first time and makes me learn to run and jump in them on stage in front of thousands.” — Tri Truong

9. The joy of synchronism.

“The only thing more moving than hearing voices in sync is being a part of creating the experience. I love the pure, unalloyed joy that one can experience when singing with others.” — Jamie Rawson.

“Making a difference in the world. I am proud of the many causes we have championed. My single voice could never have made such an impact on the world, yet when joined by the many other voices we can accomplish a lot!” — Stephen Wade Price

8. The undivided acceptance.

“I finally found my family of choice. I can be who I am without worrying about what other people think.” — Kevin Stone

“The Chorale helps me feel like I’m part of a family away from my actual family. I like that support and community because I know there are moments where it just makes my day and gets me through things.” — Danny W. Lippert

7. The “doin’ it for the thrill” of it.

“I love the thrill of an especially outstanding performance.” — Jamie Rawson

6. The “little things.”

“My favorite part about being in the Chorale is the little life-affirming moments. Last night we were singing the “Brokeback Mountain Suite” — my favorite piece for our “Brave” concert. I turned to the row behind me and saw my Turtle brother Stephen Sanchez, and he mouthed, “Happy birthday … love you.” I became simultaneously emotional and overjoyed.” — Russ Weeks

5. The discipline through presence.

“When making music, one must be fully present. Rehearsing music provides a benefit akin to extended meditation, with the added benefit of interacting with others.” — Jamie Rawson

4. The undeniable talent.

“I love how singing can give palpable expression to emotions and convey them to those who listen.” — Jamie Rawson

3. The strength in similarities.

“TCC is filled with people who are like me. Funny, creative, musical, and more. We aren’t different when we’re together. We’re stronger.” — Bob McCranie

2. The feeling of experiencing the audience’s energy.

“I love to experience the energy of an appreciative audience.” — Jamie Rawson

1. The realization that, in the end, it’s all about the music.

“We are so blessed to create these beautiful soundtracks to enrich our lives. And our audience’s lives.” — Russ Weeks

“Going back and listening to our amazing work and saying, ‘Yes, I was a part of that.’” — Jess McDowell