Money Matters


Anyone who runs an arts-based nonprofit can tell you that the expenses are astronomical, even if they aren’t always immediately recognizable to potential donors.

Each Turtle Creek Chorale performance is an expensive endeavor with sizable production expenses, including venue rental, musicians, licensing fees and music purchase, commission costs for new arrangements and works, production staff, costumes, and the list goes on.

It adds up, in other words, which is why contributions are crucial to ensure audiences continue to receive exceptional musical experiences. The biggest way audiences contribute, and Turtle Creek Chorale’s key source of funding, comes from ticket sales, says Turtle Creek Chorale Development/Marketing Director Caroline French. “But donations and grants are critical to ensure that Turtle Creek Chorale has the resources to operate as a sustainable arts organization with a dedication to artistic quality.”

And with Turtle Creek Chorale, you get a lot of enriching bang for your buck. “Using choral music as our instrument, TCC enhances the cultural lives of our members and audiences by promoting harmony and spreading goodwill through the gift of song,” French says. “As advocates of unity and education across all communities and cultures, the Chorale continues to accomplish, achieve, and aspire to new heights, building bridges and breaking barriers within the Dallas community and beyond.”

But their contributions extend well beyond nourishing the soul. During its 34-year history, Turtle Creek Chorale has provided numerous benefit performances, worked in a number of community service projects, and acted as ambassadors for the city to groups visiting from across the globe. They also provide complimentary admission to shows for high school choral groups, seniors, and people living with HIV/AIDS. There are also numerous educational opportunities for aspiring young singers and general audiences alike, French says.

You can always donate to Turtle Creek Chorale through traditional methods like regular mail, online at, or even by attending a concert, but there are a couple of ways you might not know about. By shopping at area Tom Thumb stores, you can designate that 10 percent of your purchase be donated when you use the Turtle Creek Chorale Good Neighbor Number #845. Also, many companies will donate cash in exchange for your volunteer hours and some are even willing to match any donations you make personally to a nonprofit. Check with your employer to find out more.