Turtle-approved fall 2014 fashion trends


By Augusta Neal

It’s September. The days of lying by the pool and riding with the top down jamming to Sam Smith are soon coming to an end (okay, maybe that last part will continue).

But don’t fear fall. These Turtle-approved men’s fall 2014 fashion trends will keep you hot when the temperature’s not.

Colors of Fall 2014

Designers embraced head-to-toe tailored getups in shades of olive and forest green. Call us biased (because, you know, Turtles), but it’s hard to dismiss how effortlessly handsome slim green pants look tucked into chestnut brown biker boots, as styled by Gieves & Hawkes.

If greens wash you out, you’ll be excited to know that orange is the new black for fall. We suggest donning bright orange accessories (beanies, scarves, gloves) with your favorite basics (sweaters, trousers, V necks).

For Turtle Creek Chorale singer Danny Lippert, fall accessories are a must. “Each fall/winter, I’ve gotta grab at least one new beanie to add to my collection.”

Items to Buy and Try

Turtleneck (or “rollneck”) shirts were among one of the most sought after items on fall 2014 runways. Before you shudder at the idea of a rollneck shirt, you should see how Topman Design crafted this look into the chic city-dweller you always dreamt of being.

Taking a note from the classic Chanel handbag, this season’s trends introduced a modern, chicer version of the quilted jacket. Although it may not get cold enough in Dallas for this puffy alternative, TCC members believe in the power of both statement jackets and basic cardigans.

Said singing member Jess McDowell on the subject, “I love a good sweater. The problem is I can’t wear them that often in Texas. Here’s to having a cold winter.”

Here’s to cold weather (and hot style), indeed.