A Night Out With the Turtle Creek Chorale

By Augusta Neal

A Turtle Creek Chorale performance may only last a few hours, but why not make a whole day of it? Here’s your perfect day of events to get you prepped and ready to experience the music.

10 a.m.

In the words of @GayAtHomeDad on Twitter, it’s time to snap, crackle, and POP out of bed! Today is going to be amazing and tonight will be even better.

10:05 a.m.

Ignore your desire to sleep in and squeeze in just 25 minutes of exercise. Your thighs will eventually thank you and your exes will be kicking themselves.

11:15 a.m.

Give something away. It feels good knowing someone in need is enjoying that sweater you haven’t worn in years. There is a Goodwill drop off location at 1919 N. Haskell Ave.

11:45 a.m.

Beat the half-after-noon brunch crowd. Go to a fabulous place you’ve never been with your three most fabulous friends. Order a pitcher of mimosas and anything with carbs. Give a toast before every “cheers” to make every clink count. Our favorite brunch spots? While Breadwinners is obviously a signature Dallas choice, BuzzBrews and Sissy’s Southern Kitchen & Bar also hold a soft spot in our hearts.

3 p.m.

It’s splurge o’clock! Buy something that makes you feel like a million bucks, even if you only spent $10. If you’re into affordable designer vintage, Buffalo Exchange on Greenville Ave., is your calling. If you prefer more high-end threads, you must see Rye 51 on McKinney.

4:30 p.m.

Getting ready to go out, if done right, can be just as fun as the main event. Step one: Text your friends to come over stat (who else would you ask the inevitable “do I look fat in this?”). Step two: Wine. Step three: Crank music that makes you feel like the world revolves only for you tonight. Beyoncé’s self-titled album should do the trick.

5 p.m.

It’s a scientific fact that a long, early dinner with good friends is the best way to nourish your soul pre-show. Science or not, it wouldn’t hurt to at least test the theory, right? We crave Italian, and Coal Vines or Terilli’s always hit the spot.

6:45 p.m.

It’s go time! Call an Über, if only for the luxury of being chauffeured. When you arrive, take a selfie, grab a snack from the clothed-tables, and find your seats. Don’t forget to tweet your #TurtleCreekChorale photos to @TurtleCreek! Now, sit back, relax, and let the music move your soul.

9:30 p.m.

You know what goes great with music and friends? Conversation and dessert. There are only seven Sprinkles ATM machines in the United States; brag to your social media friends that Dallas is one of them, and grab a postshow cupcake.

Enjoy the experience, friends.

25 Reasons to Give $25 on North Texas Giving Day


By Caroline French

On Thursday, September 18 your gift of $25 or more is eligible for bonus funds during North Texas Giving Day. Since lists are so on trend right now, we came up with our 25 reasons that you should contribute $25 to Turtle Creek Chorale on Thursday!

Let the countdown begin!

25. Keeping a world-class jewel in Big D’s crown! There are over 21,000 nonprofits in Big D, but not all of them *sparkle* the way Turtles do! Our award-winning combination of quality and entertainment make us one of Big D’s most unique nonprofits!

24. Two words – bonus funds. Who doesn’t love a bonus? On North Texas Giving Day, gifts of $25 or more are eligible for bonus funds. Communities Foundation of Texas will enhance, on a pro-rated basis, the total of donations made during North Texas Giving Day.

23. Singing across the generations. We’re not just talking about the fact that TCC has survived parachute pants, hair scrunchies, and Furbys. Our members range in age from 21 to over 75! That’s more than six decades of experience, history, and incredible stories.

22. All boats rise. TCC is one of the many fabulous local arts organizations in North Texas. When you support TCC, you are helping to support ALL of the North Texas arts!

21. Honor a musical angel. Since our founding in 1980, TCC has lost more than 200 members to AIDS/HIV. We honor those Turtles who have gone before us and whose shoulders we stand upon and sing today. Give your gift in honor of a musical angel.

20. Sammons – one word for creativity. Most office buildings look identical. You walk in and see desks, phones, and little cubes. When you walk into Sammons Center for the Arts to visit the TCC office, you might see a dance rehearsal, a youth orchestra, a yoga class or a cabaret! This is the creativity and inspiration that we are continuously surrounded by!

19. Music is expensive. The average octavo that the Chorale purchases for each member for each song we sing is $3.50. That means that for 150 men to sing one song at a concert costs approximately $525. Multiply that by the number of songs TCC sings in a concert season, and you’ll see the dollars adding up.

18. Setting an example. Did you know that 7% of the singing members are also teachers? These incredible members are leading the next generation of musicians, performers, and even mathematicians! Teaching is an art, and we love our teachers that love the art of choral music.

17. Better than a bar tab. When you wake up after a night at the bars, your wallet won’t be the only thing that hurts. Save yourself the headache and support TCC!

16. Your gift is needed. Annually, 40% of TCC’s funding comes from supporters like you! Your continued support allows us to continue producing such incredible music!

15. Building bridges. Ok, not literally. We are much better with high notes than hammers. TCC is committed to building meaningful relationships with our fellow nonprofits and our community.

14. Singing isn’t our only talent. Our small ensemble, SoundBytes, is comprised of 15 men who love to sing AND DANCE! Other Turtles write plays, act locally, make pottery, and even play the tuba!

13. Your gift is tax-deductible. Let’s be honest. Come April 15, you and your tax accountant will be scrambling to find every deduction possible!

12. Singing in the streets. And the park. And once even in a grocery store. Each year TCC presents more than 30 outreach concerts in our community. These performances afford TCC the opportunity to present free entertainment to those unable to attend our concerts.

11. Pay it forward! There are over 1,000 alumni in TCC’s database. Support the organization so that thousands more may have the same incredible experience!

10. “C” is for commitment. Singing members annually volunteer more than 100,000 hours for rehearsals, performances, and outreach events. When you support Turtle Creek Chorale, you support our many commitments to the music, to the membership, and to the Metroplex community and beyond.

9. Diversity. It’s not just a word to us. Our singing members are as diverse as the musical selections we present. From the U.S. Army Chorus to Sandi Patty to Liza Minnelli and even the late great Joan Rivers, TCC opens our arms to diversity.

8. Sharp dressed men. Tuxedos usually mean stuffy events. If they were comfortable, silk pajamas wouldn’t have been invented. But for a TCC singing member, a tuxedo is one of the many expenses of membership. Our financial assistance scholarships ensure anyone can be a part of the organization – and look good doing so.

7. Giving begets giving. When your friends see you giving to an organization, they similarly want to give and be a part. Some call this peer-pressure. We call it “awesome-sauce.”

6. Not all libraries are filled with books. Did you know that there are over 4,000 songs in TCC’s Music Library? This library allows TCC to be a resource for our chorale community, regularly lending pieces to other choruses and commissioning new arrangements.

5. Double your gift in under 5 minutes. Many companies offer matching gift programs. Ask if your company will match your gift to TCC, and you will have doubled your gift and the impact of your gift in under 5 minutes!

4. Alpha Omega Turtle. Though we aren’t technically a fraternity, the brotherhood of TCC offers a supportive family for like-minded individuals. For many individuals, we ARE their family, their support network, their big brothers, and their sense of security.

3. Nonprofits need lightbulbs too. Everyone loves to talk about education, ROI, and numbers served…but nonprofits also need those pesky mundane items like letterhead, postage, and yes, lightbulbs.

2. It feels good to give! You know that instant gratification you feel when you support an organization you love? That’s because you are participating in something larger than yourself.

1. You know the gift of song. TCC performances take you on a musical and emotional journey. Sometimes you laugh. Sometimes you cry. But every time you leave knowing the gift of song.

On September 18 from 6am to midnight, visit to make your gift to Turtle Creek Chorale. Gifts of $25 or more are eligible for bonus funds only on September 18 when made through the North Texas Giving Day site.