Meet the Cast: Brian Carey


By Todd Camp

Personal details: Born in Augusta, Ga., this 29-year-old self-described “military brat” lived several places while growing up, including Abilene and Grapevine, where he went to high school. Carey started his own independent marketing consulting company, TikTalk Marketing and offers marketing consulting to small businesses.

“Starting a new business is taking up all of my time, so I don’t have time for many hobbies, but I try to find time for drinks with friends on the weekends,” he says. “And I love a good Sunday pool party.”

Chops: Carey says he’s been singing since elementary school, when he performed his first solo as George Washington singing “Shhh, We’re Writing the Constitution” in his fifth grade production of I Love America! He joined the Classical Children’s Chorus of Abilene in sixth grade, performing at York Minster and other cathedrals in Britain in the summer of 1998. High school introduced him to musical theater where he earned kudos before earning a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in musical theater at the University of Oklahoma. He later received an MBA in marketing and moved away from music before joining the Turtle Creek Chorale last year, where he sang backup for Josh Groban’s Dallas performance.

Most memorable performance: Carey says he knew he belonged with the Chorale when they sang Stephen Schwartz’s “Testimony” in last year’s Broadway concert. “This song grabbed the singers and the audience with a raw, real, and present emotional experience,” he recalls. “I realized the Chorale isn’t just making pretty sounds; we’re healing wounds in our community and in ourselves.”

What draws you to Turtle Creek Chorale: “There is a sense of brotherhood, fellowship, and community within the Chorale that I don’t think I could find anywhere else in Dallas,” he says. “In less than a year, I’ve made lifetime friendships, and there is something spiritual and healing about coming together and creating something beautiful with brothers who share your life experiences.”

Fun fact: Carey says he will unconsciously type words and phrases that he hears or sees throughout the day. “It drives my boyfriend nuts,” he says. “If someone says ‘turquoise’ in a commercial, I’ll realize three minutes later that I’ve probably typed ‘turquoise’ on my lap 50 times. Weird.”


Meet the Cast: Wes


By Todd Camp

Personal details: This 28-year-old Houston native currently works as a campus consultant for OrgSync Inc., a Dallas-based software company that caters to student affairs functions at institutions of higher education. His passions include a love of music, singing, watching sports, hanging with friends, and going to movies. In addition to lending his baritone voice to Turtle Creek Chorale, he’s also a member of the dance-centric Soundbytes group.

Chops: Wes says he’s been singing in choirs since he was three years old and started in church. He’s traveled the world on choir tours with the Houston Children’s Chorus and has made a number of mission trips. His singing has opened the doors to major opportunities, including the chance to perform in musicals across the country, even sharing the stage with the likes of Josh Groban and Celine Dion.

Wes with Celine Dion

Most memorable performance: Having only been with Turtle Creek Chorale for just under a year, his choices are somewhat limited, but Wes still has no problem picking a favorite. “I loved our Christmas shows,” he says, “These are always well attended and a great way to spend the holidays!”

Favorite song performed: “[Morten Lauridsen’s] ‘Sure on this Shining Night,’” Wes says. “When we sang this song for both the AIDS benefit show as well as our Christmas shows, this song always struck a chord with me and I really connected with the words and notes.”

What draws you to Turtle Creek Chorale: “I love making music. Getting to do so with such a fun group of friends and ‘family’ makes all of the rehearsal time worthwhile. Also, I feel like I really learn something about music and/or dancing when I leave rehearsals.”

Fun fact: Wes is a huge Baylor sports fan and adds, “Go Bears!”