Turtles on Their Own Time


Being a part of the Turtle Creek Chorale is akin, time-wise, to having a second job: It can be time-intensive and tiring, leaving room for little else.

 Most of the Turtles have jobs and lives apart from the Chorale, of course, but considering the amount of hours spent rehearsing, preparing, and performing, it’s surprising that some of the guys have time for any other endeavors on top of their already full lives. So what do Turtles do in their spare time?

“Members participate in church, sports with local leagues, and one even judges speech and debate competitions in the area,” says Tri Truong, Turtle Creek Chorale’s new Membership Vice President Elect. Between work, school, and his new leadership duties in the Chorale, Truong says he’s pretty much strapped for time, but enjoys the fact that Turtle Creek Chorale’s involvement in community events affords him the chance to be involved locally. “TCC is involved in a lot of community activities like LifeWalk and Dallas Pride that we all get together and participate in.”

But Turtle interests run the gamut, according to Andre Cruz, a fourth year Turtle Creek Chorale member who likes to spend his own limited free time reading and doing creative writing. Other artistic endeavors are common, he adds. “A lot of Turtles are musicians, for instance, Jamie Rawson plays the tuba, Rickey Phoummany dances, and Nathan Jones is trying his hand at making pottery.”

The list goes on, with Cruz rattling off a diverse array of other activities from DJing to acting to playwriting to making a mean barbecue. Turtle Creek Chorale athletic interests include ziplining, yoga, and even running marathons.

But where does the extra time and energy come from?

“The chorale is so diverse,” Cruz says. “I think the discipline we learn in rehearsals allows us to apply the same kind of passion to other interests.”