Ask a Turtle

By Todd Camp

Lucky for us, we get to talk to the Turtles all the time, but we wondered if there were any burning questions out there that you lovers of all things Turtle might have for the members of Dallas’ most celebrated singing ensemble.

So we reached out to 10-year veteran Chorale member Troy Heine, an Irving-based computer programmer by day, to answer the question, “Do you ever get pre-show jitters, stage fright, or even worse, forget the lyrics — any performer’s worst nightmare?”

“Being onstage with 200 other guys does a whole lot to mitigate stage fright. We are perceived as a whole and as long as enough of us are singing the right notes we come across the right way to the audience,” Troy says. “We all endeavor to sing the best we can, and most of the time we’re all pretty decent on the whole. So no, I don’t have much problem with stage fright. I’ve done enough acting on stage to not have any problems with that.”

Before joining the Chorale, Troy says he used to act in high school and early college and was in choir prior to that. His first major stage production was in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific. He also credits his early stage experience with teaching him a valuable lesson about avoiding onstage jitters. “I learned early on that as long as I knew my material, stage fright was not an issue,” he says.

Of course, singing along with an ensemble is certainly not as intimidating as tackling a solo, something Troy says he regretfully has never done.

“If I go through my entire time with the Chorale and never step forward to sing a solo, I’ll feel like I’m missing something,” he says. “But most times, what stops me is not competition but time. There’s a whole lot I would like to do in the Chorale that I can’t because of time. You can get oversaturated really fast.”