Halloween Costumes Hall of Fame

What do you think of when you hear the words “hall of fame”? Maybe rock ’n’ roll or football comes to mind. We think of costumes. Funny, scary, sassy, matching, flashy costumes. Which is why we’re taking a look back at some favorites from Turtles of Halloweens past.

Man-Alice and his adventures in Dallasland!

Halloween costume hall of fame | Turtle Creek Chorale blog
Wes McCormack (Ace of Spades), Tri Truong (Queen of Hearts), Dirk Nettles (Alice in Wonderland), Sean Orr (Mad Hatter), Joshua Goodridge (King of Hearts), Dustin Svatek (Cheshire Cat), Ryan Short (White Rabbit). Lewis Carroll couldn’t have imagined it any better than this.

Tri Truong as a kitten

Halloween costume hall of fame | Turtle Creek Chorale blog

Tri Truong was a cat for Halloween until about the age of 6. From cute cat to singing Turtle, Tri reminisces on his early costume days saying, “I remember my mom knitting me a ton of these kitty cat hats to wear on Halloween with a onesie. They’re totally in vogue now. I wish she would knit me more, but she refuses to knit nowadays. Sad face.”

Dan Baillie as Cruella de Vil

Halloween costume hall of fame | Turtle Creek Chorale blog

This is what Disney villain dreams are made of.

 Paul Hanoski as a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz.

Halloween costume hall of fame | Turtle Creek Chorale blog

Paul proves both that Turtles can sing and monkeys can fly.

Brian Scott Carey as King Poseidon

Halloween costume hall of fame | Turtle Creek Chorale blog

The No. 1 Halloween Hall of Fame shout out goes to none other than Brian Scott Carey, with his version of King Poseidon and his sea horse mistress. The costumes took over two weeks (and not to mention some serious creativity and dedication) to create, but it paid off. Brian and his boyfriend won the 2013 S4 Halloween costume contest.

Summer Cinema that Really Sings


By Todd Camp

We’ve had some unseasonably cool days so far this summer, but that doesn’t mean things haven’t been heating up at the box office. Summer’s onscreen offerings have run the gamut from big-budget, giant monster/robot films like Godzilla and Transformers: Age of Extinction to goofy comedies like Tammy and 22 Jump Street. Recent tent pole films like Marvel’s comic book space-opera Guardians of the Galaxy or Scarlett Johansson’s mind-bending actioner Lucy are continuing to earn audience buzz, but some of the Turtle Creek Chorale members we talked to have their own picture picks in mind.

“Maleficent has been my favorite movie so far,” Tri Truong admits. “I’m a little partial to Angelina Jolie, but really it’s because it’s interesting to see Maleficent’s side of the story, like how Wicked is to the Wizard of Oz. The movie was just beautifully done. I wouldn’t mind living in a world like that.”

Andre Cruz was taken with Texas filmmaker Richard Linklater’s quiet, yet engrossing Boyhood, a 12-years-in-the-making drama which allows audiences to literally grow up with young newcomer Ellar Coltrane. “I think the acting can lose some consistency when you use different actors at different ages, especially children,” Andre says. “I think being male, it also stirred up memories of my own boyhood.”

For Brian Carey, he was all about the DVD release of Spike Jonze’s Her: “Great acting, great visuals and topics. There were themes that made me think, with no judgment on whether those topics or themes were good or bad, right or wrong,” he says. “I like exploring gray areas.”

Marcus Overton was excited about another DVD offering, Easy A. “I loved that movie with a passion, “ he says. The film centers on Emma Stone’s average high school student whose life is overturned thanks to a few well-placed sexual rumors within the school grapevine. “I related really, really heavily to it,” Overton says.

Eric Ramsey was all about Pompeii on DVD right now, saying he loved “epic settings and historical dramas.” But he was also looking forward to Hercules and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

See you at the concession stand.