Aunt Marge’s Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks

You’ll remember this HR guru and event extraordinaire from last year’s holiday show, Jangled. Aunt Marge is back, and she’s here to share her tips and tricks for a successful Thanksgiving feast everyone will remember.

1. Never invite more guests than you have full bottles of wine.

2. If any guests ask what they can bring to help, always respond, “Oh, honey, your presence is enough… and a bottle of wine.”

3. For the coffee drinkers, I always spike my creamer with Bailey’s. Shh… no one knows.

4. Nobody likes a dry turkey so baste, baste, baste it. You can’t taste it until you baste it!

5. Don’t forget a centerpiece. You can make an arrangement straight from your backyard with acorns, leaves, twigs and berries. Plus it’s cost effective.

6. There is only one person in every family that can pull off autumn orange, and it’s PROBABLY NOT YOU!

7. Speaking of autumn orange, here’s a tip. If you have an old orange jumpsuit laying around from your spa day at Lew Sterrett, cinch that waist with a chunky belt, pull some foliage from your centerpiece for a corsage and call it a day.

8. If you don’t want to send half the world over the edge, do not put up your Christmas tree until AFTER Thanksgiving.

9. The same goes for Christmas music. I learned the hard way in 1992 when my cousin Ethel had a complete Thanksgiving meltdown.

10. More is not always more. Do not serve sweet potato casserole AND Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie unless you have more than one working restroom. Lesson learned from Thanksgiving at Ethel’s.

11. Forget football! Honey, the real sport is the race to the restroom after all that sweet potato fiber!

12. And most importantly, do NOT forget to purchase your tickets for Turtle Creek Chorale’s Holiday Show – HOME! They’re going fast!

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